From the very beginning of my acquaintance with the real estate market, I determined for myself that one of the main factors of professional success is the analysis of the current market situation.
In 2016, I drew attention to the main indicators of the residential real estate rental market. The main problem in the rental market for the residential segment of the real estate market are the high rental rates and the deficit of the fund of square meters in the large and rapidly developing cities of Germany. The extent of this problem includes economic and social factors. So the idea was to create a certain model, which allows to partially solve the existing problem at the expense of an unclaimed fund of square meters.
After a series of specific consultations, it was decided to create a business structure with the help of a special team that would meet not only the needs of the market, but also a platform meeting the current technical specifications.
Largo is a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology that allows millions of people to solve the problems of high rental rates and housing deficit. With the help of rapidly developing technologies, Largo opens up the possibility for participants from both sides: for some, the opportunity to fill unclaimed square meters, and for others to provide themselves with housing at a rental rate below the current market without additional fees under the P2P scheme. In addition, the acquisition of the Token Largo Lcoin in advance with a certain discount opens up the possibility of reducing the financial burden in future settlements with the lessor.
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