The most active investment activity is concentrated in Germany. The attractiveness is due to the fact that about 60% of the country’s residents rent real estate, which means the market is very promising. In addition, Germany has a clear political model, a stable economy and constantly growing prices for residential and non-residential real estate.
The unstable situation of the financial markets in the world, crises, the fall of securities of leading corporations over the past 20 years have led to the fact that real estate in Germany has become not only the most profitable in its segment, but also the safest harbour for capital.
According to statistics, foreign investment in real estate in Germany varies in the amount of 50% of the total average annual market turnover and averages about 40 billion Euros.
Germany has always paid special attention to the durability of all goods produced in the state. Real estate, especially made to meet all standards and does not require additional costs for repairs.
It’s not a secret that advanced technologies and quality regulations in construction make German real estate a high-quality product.
The number of people who rent housing in large cities reaches 90%. An apartment or hotel purchased in Germany will be constantly in demand.