Investment funds and financial groups for which I create expert opinions, or support of transactions, are always focused on the finished program and have a clear path for their investments.
Private customers are usually in search of more favourable and comfortable conditions.
I recommend that private customers first determine their position:
Who are you, a hobby or a pro investor;
Choose a professional consultant who is able to collect a portfolio for you, taking into account the future dynamics of the development of investment markets;
Try to make your investment with minimal risks. Today’s markets allow getting rendits from financially secured financial products;
Rely on the main criteria of the investor, the period of investment (the exact time of your participation), the amount of investment relative to profits, risks, analysis.
It should be remembered that there is a significant difference between hobby and pro investors, both in the volume of investments and in the degree of risk. Hobby investor is considered a person who invests no more than 125 thousand Euros in one payment, protection of his investments is carried out by state services, and at first glance investments are protected as much as possible, while a professional investor is a person who invests more than 125 thousand Euros in one payment with moral hazard, ensures the safety of their investments themselves. In fact, the safest possible participation in investment markets is probably in the position of an pro investor, because by investing more than 125 thousand Euros you get much more space for participation. Pro investors have much more opportunities in a financially secure product.
I prepare a program for my clients where they can dilute risks, it is always an investment product with a tangible asset, plus partial financing by a bank or a financial group.

Any acquisition is supported by professionals.