Of course, real estate in Europe is growing steadily, this inevitably leads to the higher prices for finished square meters of real estate for rent. There are various kinds of programs that make the finished square meter available only to certain social groups.
In the bulk, for the population of Europe, the problem of the rise in the cost of rental housing becomes more acute every day. The lack of housing real estate inevitably contributes to higher prices, both in the purchase and in the lease.
Analysing the questions about the possible resolution of the existing problem in the rental market segment, I came to a simple solution. It is necessary to use free, little-used square meters to compensate for the deficit of square meters.
In fact, researching this problem, I saw that there is little demand for square meters in the vicinity of almost every major city in Europe, and sometimes in the centres of these cities. Having negotiated, for my own understanding on how much resolution of this problem is possible, I am ready to state with confidence that almost every owner of a mini hotel, a motel and a hotel for a weekend, is ready to make a minor reconstruction and move into the rental market segment.