I grew up in Baden-Wurttemberg and really like this region. Nature, climate, but most of all I like architecture, which, on the one hand, is amazing with its ultra-modern buildings, and on the other hand, it’s historical, with quiet city streets where people live like they did many years ago.
People living in this region have the opportunity to truly savour life. Museums, cathedrals, theatres, casinos, horse racing and soul-opening landscapes.
I learned to see the correct situation on the real estate market in southwest of Germany, which was always in demand, even during the global economic crisis. The costs per square meters in the region has a smooth, not the maximum, but steady growth. Investments in this region have the lowest risks, due to the stable interest in the real estate segment, one of the reasons for which is the geographical position. Baden-Wurttemberg is bordered by France, Switzerland and Luxembourg.